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Melbourne Travel Tips


Melbourne is a city that you will enjoy visiting and will never forget.

With a few helpful travel tips you will anjoy your stay in Melbourne even more.


The CBD of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs have lots of unique places to stay and will provide visitors with a wide selection of interesting things to see and do. Melbourne is a fairly safe and easy city to get around, but there is nothing better when visiting a new place than having somone point out a few secrets to you so that you can experience all of the great things that the city has to offer. Melbourne has plenty of hidden secrets which travellers could easily miss or become confused with, so we have compiled this comprehensive guide so that you will have a uncomplicated and memorable stay in Melbourne.

Also during certain times of the year there are important things that you must be aware of when travelling to Melbourne. So before you visit Melbourne for your next family holiday of business trip make sure that you head the following travel tips for the city :

  • Always be prepared when travelling to Melbourne for the changable weather. The day might start out sunny in Melbourne but a cool change with rain is never far away (even during summer time) so make sure that you pack warm clothes and carry an umbrella.
  • In order to make it easier to get around Melbourne you should make sure that you get yourself a Myki card. This card will allow you to ride on any form of public transport in Melbourne including buses, trams and trains.
  • The Melbourne Airport is located about 25 kilomtres from the city centre so you will need to think about how you will get to your destination if you arrive by plane. If there is only 1 or 2 of you then the best form of transport is the Skybus which operates regular services between the airport and southern cross train station. However if there is 3 or more people travelling together then you are generally better off getting a taxi from the airport taxi rank because the cost will be less and you will be taken directly to your exact destination.
  • Always make sure that you pack some SPF 15+ sunscreen if you are travelling to Melbourne between the months of September and April. The UV ratings in Melbourne during these warmer months are extremely high and you will get sunburnt if you don't apply sunscreen regularly throughout the middle of the day.
  • If you are exploring the Melbourne CBD then make sure that you look down all of the laneways. Some of them will be simple laneways but many of them will be filled with hidden secrets including unique restaurants, boutique shops and alternative art studios.
  • Make sure that you book your accommodation well in advance if you are travelling to Melbourne during special event periods like the Australian Open Tennis in January or Melbourne Cup in November. This is because all accommodation venues get book up well in advance and anything that is left will be very expensive.
  • If you are staying in Melbourne for a number of days then make sure that you get cheaper rates for longer stays on a discount website like Not 1 Night.
  • Try staying in a much more spacious and self contained serviced apartment instead of a smaller hotel room. You can get a good serviced apartment in Melbourne for roughly the same price as a hotel room so why not go for the place with more room and better facilities.

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