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Melbourne Historical Attractions


Melbourne is a young city that is still steeped in a rich history.

The city has preserved its history well from foundation, through the gold rush era to the modern day.


The city of Melbourne and the state of Victoria may only be a little more than 200 years old but that does not stop it from having a rich and intersting history. This vibrant city and state has a rich story to tell and the many different museums and historical attractions do a great jpb of telling that unique story. From the initial days of foundation and settlement, the gold rush era of the 1850's, the bushranging days of the late 1800's, federation in the early 20th centuary, the great depression and the world wars that followed you will be able to follow the progression and story of Melbourne and its people through all of this time.

It is a fascinating story and one that the state govenment of Victoria has done a great job of documenting and preserving throughout the decades. You don't need to be a student of history or even that interested in historical matters to be able to appreciate the many stories and artifacts that are on display at the many different museums throughout the city.

Some of the museums and historical places that Melbourne has to offer and you to discover are :

  • Immigration Museum - situated in the Melbourne CBD on Flinders Street this musuem traces the history of settlement in Victoria back through the ages, focusing on the stories of people who immigrated to this country.
  • Melbourne Museum - located in Carlton this is the main musuem in Melbourne and has a wide range of different displays and exhibitions ranging from science and educational imformation through to items of historical and cultural significance.
  • Old Melbourne Gaol - this old jail is positioned on Russell Street in the Melbourne CBD and is a haunting place that shows exactly what life would have been like back in the 19th centuary. It also has night tours for those people who are looking for something a little bit more adventurous.
  • Werribee Mansion - located in the outer western suburb of Werribee this historic building has great historical importance to the region and the expansive grounds are used each year to host the Werribee Christmas carols and also the harvest festival.
  • Polly Woodside - ideally positioned at South Wharf in front of the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre this old fashioned 3 mast sailing ship is a National Trust listed attraction that includes a museum, gallery and also features guided educational tours.
  • Como House - situated in the inner south-eastern suburb of South Yarra this historic building has beautiful gardens, hosts lots of functions and is a great place to visit for a relaxing afternoon.

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